6th International Conference on Flood Management - ICFM6

“Floods in a changing Environment”

DATE: September 16-18, 2014 - VENUE: São Paulo - Brazil

ICFM6 FINAL Declaration

(Final version, 20 October 2014).

On 16-18 September 2014, the 6th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM6) was held in São Paulo, Brazil with more than 230 participants gathered from 31 different nations throughout the world.

Following three days of extensive discussions on the important issues that communities, nations and regions face in flood management, the participants of ICFM6 declare the following as their own commitment, and appeal to all of the professionals, managers and decision makers in this important field as well as the public to carry out such statements for life security, social welfare, and enhancement of land and water related environmental management. Please download it from the following link in PDF format.

Please click here to download the ICFM6 FINAL Declaration



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