6th International Conference on Flood Management - ICFM6

“Floods in a changing Environment”

DATE: September 16-18, 2014 - VENUE: São Paulo - Brazil


Brazilian authorities have clear rules for issuing visas to foreign citizens. Generally the reciprocity principle applies.
Attendees are responsible for determining their specific country entry requirements for Brazil. If you have not already done so, we urge you to begin the process at least six months prior to the conference.

Attendees are strongly advised to ensure they fulfil all legal requirements for entering Brazil. In addition to a valid passport, an entry visa and invitation letter may also be required. We strongly suggest that our international attendees and exhibitors obtain a business visa to make your entry into Brazil easier.

US attendees can visit the Brazilian Consulate-General in Houston or Washington D.C. for complete entry requirements. Other international attendees can contact their local Brazilian Consulate.

Visa Invitation Letter

Designed to help participants to meet administrative requirements in certain countries, official letters of invitation for entry visa or other purposes will be supplied upon request through icfm6@abrh.org.br. Please allow sufficient time for this procedure. Note that such letters do not commit the Organizing Committee to any kind of financial support, hosting arrangement, nor does it guarantee that an entry visa will be issued. Please be advised that the invitation letters will only be issued by the ICFM6 after the participant registers. Therefore, you should fill out the registration form as early as possible in order to get your visa in time for the event. Participants are strongly advised to make sure they fulfil all legal requirements for entering Brazil. Besides a valid passport, an entry visa may also be required. Visas are required only for visitors coming from countries that require visas for Brazilian citizens.



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